Sports law

VDE LEGAL has acquired recognized expertise in sports law. Our lawyers regularly assist public authorities, sports federations and clubs, players’ agents, professional and amateur athletes, with legal advice or litigation related to sports law.

Some of our associate lawyers sit on various sports arbitration bodies, including the Inter-disciplinary Doping Commission (CIDD – Commission Interfédérale Disciplinaire en matière de Dopage) and the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Our firm also holds the presidency of the Sports Law Commission of the International Lawyers Association (www.

Depending on the needs and interests of clients, VDE LEGAL constitutes a multidisciplinary team adapted to the requirements of the proposed operation.

Our main focus is on the following areas:

  • Drafting and negotiation of sports contracts;
  • Funding for sports facilities
  • Mergers and acquisitions between federations or sports clubs;
  • Taxation of federations, clubs and players.
  • Regulation of games and betting
  • Drafting legal provisions and regulations for sport and doping;
  • Assistance to sportsmen’s agents as regards their contractual relations with clubs and players.
  • Assistance to the authorities in connection with construction projects or the operation of sports facilities;
  • Assistance to sports federations with the drafting, adaptation or application of their sports statutes and regulations, and in relation to contractual relationships with their clubs and affiliates;
  • Assistance to sportsmen in the context of disciplinary proceedings, in particular for doping;
  • Assistance to sportsmen in their relations with sports federations and sports clubs;